9th December 2007

From The ECHO
Haydn’s Creation
8th December 2007
Review by Donald Hollins



Haydn’s great oratorio received the first of its eight performances with this Society in 1867 when it received a flattering review from the Wilts & Glos Standard.The eighth performance of The Creation was held in the Edwardian Bingham Hall, which has a crisp, vibrant acoustic and words and music were clearly heard.

The Creation owes much to Haydn’s admiration for Handel and Mozart and is full of vivid and fresh imagery.

Conductor Carleton Etherington achieved a fine standard and the choir was splendid.

I shall remember the tumultuous climax of The Heavens Are Telling The Glory of God and above all Sing The Lord, Ye Voices All, which ends with a tremendous climax.

The very good Cheltenham Chamber Orchestra had a starring role too.

Finally, to the soloists, the best of whom was Rebecca Van Den Berg, who has a fine soprano, good diction and a wide range. Bass-baritone Andrew Finden was also a success, but John Bacon was not in best voice on the night with In Native Worth being sung with indecent haste.