This will be the only edition of Tenor Notes for the Christmas concert unless I hear from any of you that there are important changes to note and circulate from next Tuesday’s rehearsal, which I have to miss.

Coventry Carol

Mark continuation with no breath:

In verse 1 after “how may we do” and after “this day” so making an 8 bar phrase so a big breath after “O sisters too”.

In verse 2 no breath after “king”(despite the comma).

In verse 3 no breath after “That woe is me”. Take a big breath after “morn and day” to sing through to the end of that verse. (No breath after “sing”)

It came upon a midnight clear

Verses 1 and 4 Unison; verses 2 and 3 Harmony.

Pachelbel Magnificat

Bar 3 shorten both crotchet A’s to quavers and breathe at those points.

Bar 7 mark an up arrow to avoid singing flat on the F sharps.

Bar 9 shorten the crotchet B after “meis” and breathe.

Bar 98 shorten crotchet A and breathe.

Bar 100 mark dotted crotchet A as FULL LENGTH

Bar 103 mark in a Rit. for “in saecula”.

Bars 105 and 106 mark emphasis on full length crotchet B and F sharp for middle syllable of “Gloria”.

Bar 112 remove dot and breathe after the semibreve. Ditto bar 116.

Bar 142 mark Rit. and change to quaver beat (so 2 beats on opening D).


Bach Chorales – All pause marks to be sung through with no loss of tempo: take a quaver out at each fermata.

Page 33 middle stave: mark the Repeat (back to bar 4)

We wish you a merry Christmas

We sing “we” rather than “I” throughout. The tricky part for me was the bottom stave of page 58 last bar entry into the top stave of page 59. It may just need a quick practice at home.

I look forward to seeing you all at 5 pm on concert day. There will be a newsletter about arriving that day and going to a designated pew so that we don’t disturb prayers which take place from 5 pm to 5.15 pm.  We then line up as usual and process to the staging for our rehearsal.

The saxophonist and pianist are expected to arrive for a quick rehearsal at 6.45 pm before doors open at 7 pm.