We rehearsed the whole of the Haydn Gloria and Credo, plus Salieri’s fugue and also Regina Cœli with only one additional marking, though C did repeat many of the points we have already marked. The additional mark is on page 35 of Haydn’s Credo: Bar 83 Take a quaver out of the crotchet C of “sus”.

It is a long time since we last looked at Regina Cœli and a lot seemed to have been forgotten: e.g. the 2:4 entry on page 15 (and for tenors the entry on page 16 just as the soloist ends). We were warned that this may be almost the last time we rehearse that work as it is comparatively easy so we need to maintain our familiarisation at home.

The Salieri fugue also did not go smoothly but I didn’t notice anything amiss in the tenor ranks. C will probably check next week that this work is secure but indicated that he wants to spend more time on the Haydn, so that’s something to focus on before next Tuesday.

A newsletter should be issued soon to include a note of our additional rehearsal in St Peter’s Hall on the Tuesday after Easter (23 April). The previous Tuesday (16 April ) we rehearse in the Parish Church and you should have a note of the second church rehearsal on Friday 26 April, the day before the concert.

See you in St Peter’s Hall next week.