We spent a little time on movements 6 and 7 of Let God Arise with further exhortations from C around clear diction, particularly the sounding of the “t” at the end of “Let”. Otherwise the only point to remember is that C intends to have a Rit. at the end of movement 6, on “his name”.

It was a bit of a surprise to return to the start of the Handel anthems. One additional marking for Zadok: bar 101 – full crotchet for “-men” with the “n” on the crotchet rest following.

Anthem 2: Let Thy Hand be Strengthened

We took some time getting back into this and had to be reminded about the shading off of each minim in bars 40 – 41 and bars 68 – 69; also clear separation of the words “Let thy hand”.  No new markings though.

We should have an interesting session next Tuesday with Ben substituting for Carleton while he has his cataract removed. It’s always refreshing to have a new coach for a session.