We have now managed to complete the first three movements of Anthem 3, The King Shall Rejoice, so presumably we’ll finish with the fourth and final movement next week. In addition we rehearsed the whole of the final movement of Linley’s anthem, Let God Arise. Next week we shall start on Linley’s first movement so that’s our main item of homework for the week.


Movement 3 – Glory and Worship (pages 39 – 45)

Page 40 bar 216: Remove the tied crotchet and insert a crotchet rest.

Bar 217: I have pencilled in the crotchet B of page 41 at the end of the final bar of 40.

Page 41 bar 223: also helpful to pencil in the top F sharp of bar 224 at end of top stave.

Page 42 bar 247: Change the E to a minim.

Page 43 bar 259: Change the F sharp to a minim.

Page 45 bar 279: This applies more generally throughout the work but remember to pitch the “d” of “gold” as a clear C sharp.

LINLEY – Last Movement Pages 41 to End

We rehearsed up to page 43 last week but we’ve added one new marking to page 43 this week:

Bar 48: Emphasise the first syllable of “people” and shade off > on the second.

Bar 70: Ensure the octave change from low to top E is “joined” and not sung with separate articulation.

The brevity of the changes belies the amount of time spent on this. I suspect the first movement will be equally as challenging and will need practice before we meet again.