As rehearsals go at the Ashcroft centre, last night went well, with a lot of detailed work on the whole of JCB and Salieri and just a few minutes with Haydn.

JCB Magnificat

Page 8 bar 74: shorten crotchet B and mark minim E with an emphasis and forte.

Page 8 bar 75: shorten crotchet B.


Page 13 bar 134: highlight the diminuendo marking (followed by crescendo).

Page 15 bars 174/5 and 178/9: mark continuation of sanguine to redemisti as a single phrase in each case.

Page 17 bar 213: highlight the forte marking

Page 17 bars 218/9 and 222: delete the marked crescendo and place it over bar 222.

Page 17 bar 224: mark in the opening crotchet D of page 18 at the end of page 17 – don’t be late on the page 18 entry.

Page 18 bar 229: mark = after final note as first note of bar 230 is unexpectedly also a D.

Page 18 bar 237: you may not have a problem with pitching the D but I have to circle the soprano D a beat earlier and think of the E-D-C sharp – D sequence.

Page 24 bar 311 highlight the diminuendo mark

Page 25 bar 312 insert a piano mark after the continued diminuendo. Then highlight the following crescendo throughout bars 313 to 315.

Haydn Sanctus (pages 48 to 51).

Page 48 last bar: shorten crotchet C sharp and start page 49 on the beat.

Page 49 bar 10: shorten crotchet C

Page 51 bars 28 and 29: mark an emphasis over the second syllable of Osana in each case.

Page 51 bar 33: insert forte marking at start of bar. Note that this follows a piano bar in the orchestra and don’t let that put you off.

Back at St Peter’s Hall next week.