Welcome to the final edition of Tenor Notes for the Requiems. Very few changes last night so I can be brief:


Requiem Aeternam – no changes but we still need to be more confident in the first 2 pages.

Out of the Deep

Remember to sing “hear” with a single “ee” vowel sound.

Sanctus and Benedictus

No problems

Agnus Dei

This was again too quiet in the church so needs to be mf for our opening entry on page 35. The bars from 44 onwards up to 51 need to be distinct rather than legato. Our main problem is tuning on page 41, especially bars 56 and 57, so more home practice needed as bar 56 has a crescendo to ff.

Lux Æterna

We ran out of time so this item needs additional practice at home.


Page 23 bar 43: the opening note of “hosanna” must be sung as a full fff quaver.

SIT at end of page 25. Carleton will stand us at the top of page 28.

Page 28 bar 7: observe the comma


In church at 1.30 pm for our rehearsal on Saturday.