A useful and detailed rehearsal last night but thankfully few additional score marks at this stage:

Haydn Gloria

Page 11: Highlight the f marking in bar 1 and the p in bar 17

Page 13: Bar 55 shorten the crotchet D to a quaver and place an emphasis mark on previous quaver D to give it full length.

Page 14: Bar 79: Mark our entry forte and sing with energy – we have a different rhythm from the rest of the choir at this point.

Pages 20 and 21: highlight the f and p marks in the score.

Page 20 Bar 169: shorten second minim D sharp to a dotted crotchet with quaver rest. Ditto minim C sharp in bar 170 but full length minim E in bar 172. 

Page 21 Bar 171: Mark ff 

Page 21 Bar 175: shorten minim A

Page 23 Bar 214: pencil in top G (first note of page 24) – it also helps to mark an octave 8 sign at this point.

No specific mention of repeating this next week but C did say he did not wish to have to relearn this next time he does it, so no doubt you’ll wish to practise at home: particularly the entries from bar 246 (page 25) onwards. If anyone would find it helpful to go over this – or any other bits – on the piano at Somerford Keynes, please let me know.

JCB Magnificat

We spent quite a bit of time on the Gloria starting on page 21 and the fugue from page 23 in particular. No new markings from C but you may wish to insert at the end of page 25 the first note (crotchet E) of page 26. Ditto at the end of page 27 I have pencilled in the crotchet D of page 28.

Homework for next week: Haydn Agnus Dei; Salieri Te Deum; Bach Magnificat

See you next week in the Ashcroft Centre