LINLEY Movement 6

Bar 11 mark as “prèh – sè” with the “s” falling on the first note of bar 12.

Final Bar (27): Sing the edited crotchet G followed by the long F sharp.

Movement 7

We rehearsed the first section up to page 27 and this seems to be the best bit from the singers’ point of view, possibly also the most difficult part. No changes to the notes as written but C wants a clear “t” at the end whenever we sing “that” which is quite often.

“Rideth” needs an “ah” sound on the first syllable and it may be worth writing this in where it’s repeated over several notes, such as bars 7, 9 and 18. Somehow it seems less necessary in bars 13/14 and 32/33 where the scoring is spaced out better.

The other points to annotate were in bar 11, where a slur should be marked over the A and C (placing the “n” of “upon” on the C); and bar 22 where the end of “heav’ns” falls on the second G

Finally, I have marked a = sign at the end of page 25 as unexpectedly we sing an identical E as the first note of page 26.

We shall continue with this next week, but C intends to devote more time to the final Handel anthem also.

HANDEL My Heart Is Inditing

Page 56 bar 83: Change minim C sharp to a crotchet.

Page 60 bar 127: We were reminded about the tie to the E of bar 128.

Carleton really does intend to rehearse this anthem to the end next week so that’s our homework.