This should be the last set of Tenor Notes before the concert in 10 days time. C did make 2 significant changes to previous instructions last night and these are included among the few other markings below.

Haydn Gloria

Page 14 bars 79 and 81: mark both tenor entries with > pointing over the crotchet A’s for confident forte entries.

Page 22 bar 183 mark misserere with a double s and don’t sing as mizzerere

Page 24 bar 220: shorten minim D to a crotchet (new change)

We also rehearsed the Credo but with no new marking.


Remember the mouth shape for our opening word, SahnKtus

Page 50 bars 19/20: change back to 2 minims for bar 19 and mark continuation without a break in the phrase, Pleni sunt coeli et terra gloria tua.

Agnus Dei

This is to be sung Legato from the outset.

Salieri Te Deum

Page 5 bars 19 to 22: Change timing in bar 22. The adagio section is now extended to end half way through bar 22. So 4 + 2 beats on the 2 syllables of San-ctus starting in bars 19, 20 and 21, each followed by a 2 beat rest including the rest after the final san-ctus; then back to the previous 4 beats to a bar, starting with Dominus in bar 22. Watch for the Rit. in bar 23.

Page 18 bars 225 and 229: remember to pronounce in as een.

Two rehearsals in the Parish Church next week, seating at 7.15 pm on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

There are 3 operas being staged in Cheltenham the week after the concert so I shall miss the party on Tuesday 30 April and wish you all a long, hot, sunny summer holiday.