A reminder that we should be starting tonight with Part 3 of the 2nd Handel anthem, The King shall Rejoice (page 39); and we were asked to revise Part 4 (pp 46 – 52) which we rehearsed last week.

New score marks:

Page 30 bars 36 to 38: articulate the quavers.

Page 31 bars 47 to 48: circle the quaver A in each case (to pitch the second A)

Page 33 bar 68: Mark “Don’t turn” as orchestra continues to next stave for end of movement.

Page 36 bar 143: Shade off on final minim, a “feminine” end.

Page 38 bar 169: start mp and then crescendo through 6 bars to bar 174.

Page 39 bar 195: cross out the Adagio marking (no tempo change).

Page 40 bar 205: Mark down to mf to allow alto line to be dominant.

Page 52 bar 360: Mark musical comma between the 2 “alleluia”s.


Page 44 bar 54: cross out the first “s” of “blessed” and place it at start of bar 55.


See you later!