Tenor Notes 11 December 2019

I was optimistic that there would be no more notes to mark! Here are Andy’s collection from last night.

P5        First bar. Pronounce child as Charld
P7.       Cross out omitted verses – just in case!
P9.       Delete verse 7 (never sung before Christmas Day)
P10      Keep tempo in last two bars; f verse 4 after the ATB ‘oo’ in v3
P11      Coventry Carol has 4-bar phrases throughout.

P11      Verse 1 stave 3 “sing?” becomes a minim with crotchet rest

P11      Verse 2 mark as f and forceful; Stave 3 place “t” of might on second beat

P11      Verse 3 mp (not p); remember no break in “sing by by”; warm sound needed.
P14      Confirmed unison vv1 and 4; harmony vv 2 and 3.
P15      Bar 5 change minim to crochet on num; add crotchet rest.

p23      Pronounce saeculum  sehculum
P27      Bar 4 entry mark f “And keep”

P28      All pause marks interpreted as quaver out
P29.     Hold notes at end as same chord for start of p30
P38-39 Remember both notes on Christmas the same (second note is NOT a semitone Lower)
Five is 2 beats; Rhythm on Gold is on a quaver followed by a dotted crotchet; Rings is 3 beats + rest.

Final verse, motto ral after the five gold rings: Watch C
P43      Crisp. Watch for Ral in final 2 bars last verse
P45      Now is Nah; last bar  grass is crotchet + crochet rest
P49      Tenors ff rather than mf in last bar of page and first of next page.

P50      Watch for poco rit.
P51      Harmony v 1 &2, descant v3. NB unison last 2 bars of vv1&2 as marked.
P61      Watch for accelerando at start of page followed by molto ral.

P61      Last line – Break after final Christmas.


See you all 5 pm on Tuesday.