We started with Mozart last night. Although the music is relatively easy, it contains a number of exposed entries for all parts and these need to be sung confidently. C asked us to mark our entry at bar 38 on page 8 as forte. The same would apply to bar 83 on the next page. On page 10 there is a new Rit. to mark at bar 88. The most exposed entry after a short solo is on page 16 at bar 77, where we must be careful to count quickly (and accurately).

We also went through the whole of Salieri’s Te Deum, which is coming together well so we are now getting the more nuanced additions to the score:

Page 3 (first page of music) mark the crescendo in bar 3 as starting on the 3rd beat, not at the start of the bar:  “1, 2, cres 3,4″

Page 15 bar 186 insert a crescendo – C asked us to “sell” this tenor only phrase.

Page 17 circle the piano at bar 210 and the forte at bar 213.

Page 17 bars 218/219 delete cres. marking and insert later at bar 222.

Page 24 “Point” the syncopated entry at bar 304 ( – or > over the top G opening note)

Page 24 bar 311 highlight the diminuendo marking (insert dim before the hairpin). 


This went less well for the choir as a whole. The first point for tenors was the tuning of the E naturals in bars 107 and 108 on page 11. This could do with practice at home. Page 19 also needs to be made more secure. 

Tenors have 2 entries on pages 26 and 27 which need to be sung confidently. Both begin on an E and it’s worth circling the E that we reach as the first note of page 26; this needs to be held in the brain for the bar 264 entry and also the bar 268 entry. 

The final point picked up by C was the danger of coming in early in bar 275 on the last page. It may be worth writing in 2, 3, 4, 1, 2 over the rests in bars 274/5.

Haydn Agnus Dei (page 59)

We speed up slightly at our entry following the solo on page 62 bar 69, so we should mark in the PiĆ¹ Presto shown on the soprano line and watch C for the beat. C wants “fire” in the music at this point, so circle the forte mark and write in FIRE!

Page 66 bar 153 make sure you’ve marked forte and a crescendo hairpin , followed by subito piano in bar 154.

More of the Haydn next week when we meet in the church at 7.15 pm.

Finally, for those who do not have a piano at home, if you want to hear any parts of our music I’m happy for you to come over to Somerford Keynes and go over those bits on the piano here. Call 01285 869790.