LAST TUESDAY 57 varieties of members attended another thoroughly enjoyable rehearsal while the welcome rain beat down outside.

Carleton started by driving us Insanae ( )

Then we calmed down with Ave verum corpus ( )

and Crossing the bar ( )

From the Vivaldi ( ) we worked on movements:

IV Gratias agimus tibi

V Propter magnum gloriam

VII Domine Fili Unigenite

We can imagine a conductor’s frustration when we appear to have forgotten many of the things he taught us a week earlier, so let’s all find time to go over these movements before next Tuesday. In fact, while we’re at it, why not have a look at the rest of the Great Choral Classics:

Pachelbel’s Magnificat:

For lo! I raise up:


Same safety arrangements as before. Please check this new 3rd August Seating Plan so you can go straight to your seat on arrival. If you do intend to come but your name is not on the plan, email .

If anyone who opted to return in September would like to join us earlier (3rd August or 31st August) please email and we’ll be pleased to see you. 


Thank you to all those who have paid their membership subscription promptly. We remind those yet to do so that payments can be made either by bank transfer:

Account Name: Cirencester Choral Society
Bank code: 20-84-58,
Account no: 40263192,
Ref: Your surname and initial

or by posting a cheque in the red post box at rehearsals. 


If you test covid-positive within a week after attending a rehearsal, it is vital that you email immediately so that, depending on the circumstances, we can warn everyone else appropriately.

THANK YOU! John Pinnington for donating your stool from your man-shed.


Do we have any sopranos who could fill this role??