Photo using remote control by John Rees (who took good care to be looking at Carleton when he pressed the button!)


 Once again we have received glowing reports on the concert from choir, orchestra and audience members:

 Congratulations! We really enjoyed the concert last night and thought the choir made a splendid sound.

 I should like to say how much I enjoyed the concert on Saturday evening. 

 It was a joy to sing such wonderful music with amazing soloists, who I thought were beautifully blended and all equally strong.   It would be lovely if they were able to sing with us again.    The orchestra also sounded great and everyone I spoke to who was in the audience really enjoyed the whole concert. 

There’s a good, solid sound coming from the choir. (One of the orchestra players) 

I’m so please to have joined such a magnificent choir I really enjoyed the evening as did my guests.

(He) was impressed – possibly even bowled over – by the Salieri!

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the concert last night. The orchestra and the singing was wonderful to hear and I have to say that Haydn made my spine tingle! I am looking forward to the concert in November. Thank you for introducing me to such a lovely experience right on my doorstep.

 I thought that Saturday’s concert was a success.  I thought the choice of music was brilliant, vocally challenging and among the best pieces we have ever sung.

 The first thing that came across was how attentive the choir was in relation to Carleton’s conducting. Everyone was giving their all and the orchestra blended in well giving a good balance of sound. I also appreciated how much effort Carleton puts into the performance to make it all come together.

 The second half of the concert was superb and the confidence of the choir was very evident. The final piece of the Haydn, ‘Agnus Dei’, was a good as you get and made the evening complete!

 . . . . . . the stagers do always deserve special mention.  Without the staging we would find it much harder to give such a good performance. (we shouldn’t be able to see Carleton for a start!)

 I and my “guests” enjoyed (the concert) very much  


 We did it! Congratulations to you all for a lovely concert last Saturday. I thought it went really well – something of a miracle one might say, considering our final two piano rehearsals! As tough going as those rehearsals were, they were absolutely integral to the success of the concert, so thank you to you all for achieving that ‘final push’. 

 In addition to your singing we were supported by four superb young soloists – I was particularly delighted with the soprano, who sang the challenging Mozart aria beautifully. Once again, it was an absolute delight to work with the Corelli Ensemble who, as ever, played superbly.

 I received good vibes with regards to the programme itself. One of the orchestral players commented how much they had enjoyed playing such unfamiliar but high-quality repertoire. 

 So, once again, thank you for all your hard work this term and for producing such an enjoyable concert.  Enjoy your party and I look forward to seeing your ‘bright faces’ once again in September.



You can read a Review of the concert by former Cambridge Choral Scholar, Charles Woodd here: Review-CCS-190427-v1


Bob Merrill, Ticket Secretary, received this email the day after the concert:

Please may we purchase four tickets for the November concert. Three seniors and one adult.

In church this morning, Sunday 28 April, we sat next to two lovely ladies who told us of the concert the previous evening – they had both sung in it. One of them mentioned this November concert and being both a Faure and Rutter fan decided I have to try to get tickets. I live in Haywards Heath in Sussex and my friends live in Witney and Malvern so were all travelling to stay in Baunton village. Many thanks and apologies for the long tale!

(I bet nobody has ever made an earlier ticket sale! Ed.)