Handwashers’ Newsletter 22nd March 2020


A huge vote of thanks to the majority who have returned music as requested; particularly those who’ve driven some distance to do so. Unfortunately, with only a day to go, there are some members who haven’t yet done as requested in this Newsletter dated 16th March. Newsletter 160320

If you are one of those who haven’t yet managed to return your music, please do so without delay and before the risk of infection increases further. If, for any reason, you cannot do so then email timp470@btinternet.com


As you know, we do not pass on members’ contact details, but, if you would like to get in touch with another member, email timp470@btinternet.com and we’ll let them know.

We have had several kind emails from members offering to contact ‘less young’ members if they are struggling with self-isolation or need help with shopping etc.


Jenny Hall has sent us the attached poem by Richard Hendrick which you may like to read here.Poem Lockdown


If you’ve tried to access the CCS Website ( https://www.cirencester-choral-soc.org.uk/ ) recently you may have had problems. Our Webmaster, Roger Heafield, has sorted them in no time.


We don’t usually publish lavatorial humour but this may suggest a solution should you run out of a certain domestic consumable currently unavailable:

Noel Coward had received a negative review on one of his shows. He responded, ‘I am presently sitting in the smallest room in my house with your review in front of me; it will shortly be behind me.’