Pre-concert Newsletter 17th November 2019


Please arrive by 1.30 and go straight to your forming up places. When we are all gathered, we’ll rehearse processing on to the platforms following the ‘Etiquette’ described below. As space is limited, please do not take coats and unnecessary bags on to the staging.

We will then check the Organist’s sightlines before Carleton starts the rehearsal with the Fauré at 2.00.

In the evening arrive by 7.10 and go straight to your forming up places. Please keep the noise level down; saving your voices for the performance! Once on stage you are asked to focus on the first few pages of music so that we can make a good start.

After the concert please help to remove chairs if you can, otherwise leave the choir area promptly so that the Staging Team can start to dismantle the platforms.


Black long-sleeved top and long black skirt or trousers and blue scarf provided by Alison Norris.

Black dinner jackets, plain white shirt, black bow tie and blue pocket handkerchief provided.


When directed move on to the stage and sit when Graham and the tenors sit.

Stand up as soon as Carleton steps onto the dais and we are then under his control

At the interval lead off as soon as the applause stops

When the announcement is made that the concert will resume in 5 minutes, re-assemble in rows immediately and repeat the entrance arrangement

At the end of the concert, remain standing until Carleton leaves the Nave with the soloists then sit.

If there is tumultuous applause, Carleton will return and ask us to stand again

When the applause has died down and Carleton and the soloists have left for the last time lead off promptly.

Do Not talk on stage :lol:  

Do Not drink on stage :evil:

Do Not wave to friends in the audience :roll:

Do Not applaud while standing  :-(



Please return ticket envelopes to Bob Merrill or Dorothy Andrews next Tuesday 19th November.


After the concert please take your Library music home, erase all markings and return it at the rehearsal on Tuesday 26th November. If you will not be at that rehearsal place your music in the labelled boxes after the concert.


Please collect a folder immediately before the afternoon rehearsal and retain it for the Christmas Concert. If you aren’t singing on 17th December, please place it in the box behind the organ.

There have been several cases of members feeling faint during concerts. The following offers advice to anyone who thinks that this could happen to them and also advises what you can do if you or your neighbour is taken ill.
To reduce the risk of feeling faint:

arrive at the concert well hydrated (avoid alcohol on concert day!)

wear flight socks, which are designed to encourage good circulation

bring a sugary drink (e.g. a flask of decaff coffee) and a biscuit and sit down to consume these in the interval

don’t participate in the concert at all if you don’t feel well enough on the day

If you do feel faint during the concert:

don’t try to be brave but sit immediately, raise and lower heels with toes on the ground and drop head to the knees. Remain seated until fully recovered

sit out the second half if you have felt poorly in the first half

If someone loses consciousness completely:

immediate neighbours should support them and lay them flat on their back on their own and adjacent chairs, with feet raised. This will usually cause recovery from a faint.

If they remain ill:

the Conductor’s attention should be attracted so the concert can be stopped. Those people between them and the exit point of their row should file off quietly to allow first aid personnel access and the removal of the ill person. 

We have several members qualified and able to render first aid. The Church Vergers are also trained in first aid and have full first aid kits.


Remember that, though we may be concerted-out by Saturday night, we start rehearsals for the Christmas Concert on Tuesday 26th so find time to look through the music beforehand so we can convince Carleton that we have sung it all before . . . . . . .  because we have! Refresh your memory of the Pachelbel here: