Special Newsletter 16th March 2020

We have all been following developments in the Coronavirus situation and it is now inevitable that our concert on 2nd May will have to be postponed. Even if the total concert gathering was under the 500 stipulated by the Government, it would be unwise to expect an audience to risk infection by attending. Moreover, we would have no way of knowing which performers would be available on the night. 

In the light of the postponement we think it unfair to ask members to take the risk of turning up for rehearsal so there will be no rehearsal this Tuesday 17th nor until further notice. We are sorry to bring this term to such an untimely conclusion but we hope you’ll understand why. The Committee will be meeting on Wednesday to ensure we do what’s necessary to manage the consequences of this unusual situation. 

It is our ambition not to jettison all the good work we’ve done on this splendid baroque music which is why we’ve called it a ‘postponement’. We are looking at a possible February date having fitted in a couple of rehearsals after the 5th December concert. As usual, we will keep you updated . . . .  and hang on to those recordings!

Meanwhile, keep smiling and take care to avoid this wretched disease.


We are pleased to report that Carleton’s cataract operation was successful and he is back in action. We thank him and busy nurse Jenny for such an enjoyable, albeit curtailed, term.


You will be contacted in due course about what to do with your Library music.


 Pilot’s announcement on this morning’s flight from Dublin:

‘Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking, we hope you have a comfortable flight. I am following the latest medical advice and working from home.’