Handwashers’ Newsletter 13th September 2020

THANK YOU to those 30 + members who have responded by telling us what you think about the options for resuming singing in some form and our apologies for not acknowledging them individually. We would be glad to hear from the rest of you this week and intend to publish the results next Sunday.

Thank you also for kind comments about these Newsletters but we’re now out of contributions. You must all have musical memories, please send them to timp470@btinternet.com  if you want Newsletters to continue.


I’ve just heard an amazing piece of music on the radio that you might like to share with the hand washers. It’s a setting of the Robert Burns poem My Heart’s In The Highlands by Arvo Pärt. It really stopped me in my tracks and made me sit down and listen to it. Truly magical!


I hope you like it too….


(It was Arvo Pärt’s 85th birthday on Friday. Here to celebrate it is Lorna’s favourite piece by him, Miserere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HjaGF5TLNI Ed.)

THE HAYMANS IN HERTS When they lived in Hertfordshire Ruth and Andy Hayman were involved in the St Albans International Organ Festival:

Running alongside the ten-day organ competitions the Society organises a programme of concerts.

On one occasion a typo in a local paper preview of soprano Emma Kirkby’s concert may have attracted a different audience. The BBC Radio 4 News Quiz programme referred to Board member Andy’s letter to the paper: ”…. concerned about trades description whilst wanting to sell tickets, we did not want to misrepresent Emma Kirkby who is a well-known singer and not a well-known swinger.”   

SOME AFTERS Here is more of Patricia Kopatchinskaja now wackily playing some cadenzas from Beethoven’s and Stravinsky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFm2oZAwG6c


The Third Strain (Category C) of the NILE Virus.

We thought we should warn you about this mutation of an existing virus which even the most advanced security programs from Norton, McAfee, Avast and others cannot prevent. It appears to target mainly those who were born prior to 1958. A lot of us have already been inflicted with this debilitating disease and unfortunately, as we age, it gets worse.

Symptoms include:

  1. Sending the same e-mail twice.
  2. Sending a blank e-mail.
  3. Sending an e-mail to the wrong person.
  4. Sending it back to the person who sent it to you.
  5. Forgetting to attach the attachment.
  6. Hitting SEND before you’ve finished.
  7. Hitting DELETE instead of SEND.
  8. Hitting SEND when you should hit DELETE.

Scientists refer to it as the C-NILE virus.