With the lifting of all Government Restrictions on indoor activities, we intend to restart rehearsals on Tuesday 20th July.

In his statement yesterday, the Prime Minister asked everyone to use common sense and caution, particularly in the wearing of face masks indoors. Please remind yourselves of our Safety Notice & intentions  which are based on cautious common sense. You will have seen that the vast majority of new covid infections nationally are among those who haven’t yet been doubly vaccinated: All CCS members report having had both vaccinations.

A revised 20 July Seating Plan is attached. Please take a careful note of your seat.

  1. To avoid mingling and queueing, you will see signs directing sopranos and tenors to the left door and altos and basses to the right door. (No political inferences intended!)
  2. Please go straight to your seat on which you will find a music booklet with your name on it and a numbered Library copy of the Vivaldi Gloria to be returned when requested.
  3. There will be a 5 minute break in rehearsal. Please remain seated unless nature calls.
  4. The rehearsal will end when Carleton judges that he’s/we’ve had enough.
  5. At the end of rehearsal please remain seated until invited to file out. Once outside you can mingle as much as you like!!
  6. If you are not able to come on the 20th, please let us know ( when you do intend to return so we can have your seat and music ready and so avoid queueing.

In case there have to be any last-minute changes, do check your emails before leaving for rehearsal on the 20th.


We are delighted to welcome our seven new members and hope that you will enjoy singing with us and make new friends here particularly when we can relax our covid red tape so we can mingle. We also welcome back three former members and all of you who have stuck with us during lockdowns.

And to prove that every silver lining has a cloud:


During the pandemic we have not charged members a subscription fee and have relied instead on our financial reserves to keep the Society in existence and to provide a degree of support to our ‘work-deprived’ professionals.  This ensured that we would be ready to function again as soon as allowed. However, with lower reserves we are now obviously less able to absorb any unplanned expenses or concert losses.

Over the last few years the cost of putting on concerts had already risen and our membership numbers had fallen somewhat. Both these factors have added to pressure on our finances. As a result, we are having to raise subscriptions by more than we would like and by more than you have been used to in easier times past. 

The Membership Subscription for the 2021-22 season will be £130. This amount has been calculated so that, if income and expenses are in line with our expectations, we will break-even over the year. We will not, however, be making any additional charges this year for the planned July/August rehearsals. This amount is now due and payable in full by all members (whether or not they participate in the July/August rehearsals).  The subscription should be paid before or at the first rehearsal you attend by one of the methods detailed below.

Any voluntary donation you would like to make to the Society would provide very welcome extra help towards rebuilding our financial position. This can be added to your subscription and, if you are a taxpayer, it will attract Gift Aid if you have given us your mandate. Thank you in advance to those who feel able to make an additional contribution.


Online bank transfer (our preferred method) to:
Account Name: Cirencester Choral Society

Bank code: 20-84-58,
Account no: 40263192,
Ref: Your surname and initial


Bringing a cheque made payable to Cirencester Choral Society to rehearsal and posting it in the red box.  Please write your name and initials on the back of the cheque as account names can’t always be linked to a name we know!
NB We cannot accept payment by cash.

Please contact the Treasurer if you have any difficulty making your payment. 


You’ll recall that Mr Dowden, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, caused an hiatus by banning singing by amateur choirs of more than six singers; you probably signed a petition in protest. Andy has found this clip which suggests that he has learned the error of his ways: –


Who-ever thinks up this stuff!