Members’ Newsletter 12th February 2020


Several of us have wondered whether the words ‘Thou hast prevented him with the blessings of goodness’ contain a misprint. Wouldn’t it make more sense if the verb was ‘presented’? Apparently, the word, ‘prevent’, formerly signified ‘to precede’ or ‘go before’. Thus, this phrase from Psalm 21:3 refers to God preceding his Son with blessings of goodness, which makes sense.

Another linguistic mystery comes in the final Anthem, ‘My heart is inditing of a good matter etc’ (Psalm 45). The word ‘inditing’ has nothing to do with ‘to indict’ but means to write or compose. In other words, ‘my writings are heartfelt’.

Shortly, we’ll be singing, ‘Kings shall be thy nursing fathers and Queens thy nursing mothers’ (Isaiah 49:23). Apparently, we can interpret this as ‘the King and Queen will be like loving foster parents to their subjects’. This brought the Queen into the musical picture at the moment of her crowning. The mutual affection between Queen Caroline and her daughters (‘King’s daughters etc’) and their music teacher, Handel, is probably why he selected this quotation as the grand finale, complete with trumpets, for his Anthems.

It will also be the grand finale, complete with trumpets, for our concert!


As you probably know, our concert staging is erected and dismantled by a small team of Stagers consisting, with a single exception, of gentlemen most over 70 with several over 80. Given the gender balance of the membership, this is probably not politically correct . . .  nor fair!

We are asking all able-bodied members, irrespective of gender, to step forward and, having learned what is involved, consider helping. We stress that Stagers are never expected (even permitted!) to do more than is safe for them.

Please have a word with Tim Page aka ‘Old Stager’ or email


We’re pleased to announce that Nia Llewelyn Jones has again agreed to take our rehearsals on the 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th August. This will enable us to make a good start on the Beethoven programme and we may well pick up some useful singing tips at the same time. 

Stroud Choral Society will sing the Mass in B minor in Cirencester Parish Church on Saturday 14th March. Details:

St Cecilia’s Singers will be singing Timeless Reflections in Gloucester Cathedral on Saturday 28th March. Details:

 Malmsbury Singers will perform Beethoven’s Mass in C on Saturday 28th March. Details: