As the national and local covid infection rates remain high we must remind you of our COVID SAFETY RULES ; please re-read and follow them. In particular, we remind you that masks must be worn on entry and until we start singing and replaced immediately at the end of rehearsal. You should also wear your mask if you need to go to the toilet.

Statistics show that being double jabbed significantly reduces the risk of infection and, for fit people, any infection is relatively mild. However, some CCS people and their close relatives do have medical conditions making them particularly vulnerable. That is why we all need to continue to be vigilant!

It has been agreed that rehearsals will finish at 9.15 for the time being. There will be a five-minute break in rehearsals from next week. Please stay in your places unless ‘called by nature’ and be ready to resume when Carleton calls for order.


Firstly, a big ‘thank you’ to the basses for ‘being volunteered’ to put away chairs etc after rehearsals and thank you, Jenny and John for moving the piano.

Since we restarted in July, a ‘less-young’ couple of us have been setting up the hall for rehearsals in the afternoon which left one of us, at least, wondering whether an evening with Eastenders might be more restful than Choral Society.

It has been decided, therefore, that we’ll try setting up before rehearsal so that seats are ready for members as they arrive. For this to work, we’ll need perhaps 6 able-bodied volunteers to arrive at about 6.55 to help with chairs and then take a breather before Carleton starts. If enough sign up, we can set up a rota.

If you are able and willing to help, please email and remember ‘more hands make lighter work’!

Thank you.


We have had to make a few small tweaks in the Seating Plan


We’re delighted to announce that soprano Hannah Grove and alto Sacha Fullerton have been engaged for the Vivaldi. Hannah has sung for us several times, but this will be Sacha’s first time with CCS. They have sung the Vivaldi duet together on several occasions and we look forward to the privilege of performing with them.



And we remind you that John Wright will be accompanying us at the organ.


 GLOUCESTERSHIRE BOYS CHOIR Andy has received this from Ben Sawyer:

Gloucestershire Boys’ Choir is holding an Open Rehearsal on Sunday 19th September and I am writing to ask for a little help. 
Please could you pass the attached
Boys Choir poster on to the parents of any boys you know whether neighbours, sons, grandsons etc, that enjoy singing and can hold a melody. 
The current recruitment focus is for boys aged 7-11 to join the Junior section of the choir. 
All the details can be found on the flyer, including a link to my website with more information about the choir and how to sign up.
The long-term goal of Gloucestershire Boys’ Choir is to guide boys through voice change so that they feel well equipped to continue singing into adult life, bringing confidence to boys through a love of singing.
Many thanks in anticipation
Ben Sawyer