Pre-Christmas Concert Newsletter 10th December 2019



Please check which row you in here Seating Plan and note from which direction you enter.


Please arrive at 5.00 pm and, since Evening Prayers will be being said in the Catherine Chapel, keeping totally silent sit; Rows 2, 3, 4, 5 in the South Aisle and Rows 6, 7, 8 plus row 2 sopranos in the back pews as signed. There will then be time to focus silently on your music.

When Prayers finish we will move quickly on to the platforms and be ready to rehearse. If you are unable to arrive until after we’ve processed on to the platforms, take great care in getting to your place.

There will not be time to go home between the rehearsal and concert so you will need to arrive in your concert garb. We also advise that you bring something to eat and drink but, please, not in the nave as the audience will be arriving . . . assuming we’ve all sold tickets!

Our visiting saxophonist and pianist will be having a short practice between our rehearsal and the audience arriving – i.e. between 6.45 and 7.00 – so keep noise levels to a minimum please.


We will line up, in our usual places at 7.10 and process on.

The usual dress code and rules on Concert Etiquette will apply as for the November concert.

After the Concert please place your Choir Folder in the boxes provided. The music booklet is yours to take away.

If, unfortunately, you have to cry off from this Concert, please email immediately.


Completed ticket envelopes should be returned to Bob Merrill or Dorothy Andrews by tomorrow, Tuesday 10th December.

o O o


As usual, we remind you that, in the event of dodgy road conditions, you should check your emails

before leaving for rehearsal.


Many of us remember with affection Ingela Jacob who sang with us for many years and who died suddenly last August. Her daughter, Anna, is organising a 24 Hour DJ Marathon in memory of her mum in aid of the British Heart Foundation. Please click here to learn more and subscribe: or


Stroud Choral Society perform an Evening of Christmas Celebration at 7.30  on Friday 20th December at St George’s Church, Nailsworth. Details:

 Highworth Choral Society will hold a Come and Sing Rutter’s and Chillcott’s Requiems on 18th January. Details:

Swindon Choral Society are hosting a Come and Sing workshop on Handel’s Messiah on Saturday 15th February. Details:


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