ON TUESDAY 54 of us enjoyed another good rehearsal.

Carleton again started with Insanae et vanae curae ( ) which seemed to go noticeably better than last week.

Our first attempt at For lo! I raise up ( ) was much less satisfactory and will require a lot of work to raise it up to concert level.

Singing movement VII Domine Fili Unigenite in the Vivaldi ( ) was really enjoyable as Carleton had us dancing over the dotted notes – even the basses!

We finished by singing straight through Pachelbel’s Magnificat ( ) with a surprising number of notes surviving in our memories.

We didn’t touch: Ave verum corpus ( ) nor Crossing the bar ( ) this week.


We wish Carleton and the family well for their August break as we do our members who have arranged a holiday in these strange times.

Please, though, do find time to work on our Great Choral Classics pieces perhaps by using the links we’ve given. If you’d like your scores before we next meet, email and we’ll try to arrange it.

THE SOUND OF MUSIC Sister Sue Nashe invites us to:

The Sound of Music: to be performed over several nights this month in an outdoor setting behind Chedworth Manor in an ‘amphitheatre’ field on a tiered hill – you can choose where you sit either with your own chair or rug (and a cushion is recommended!). Bring a picnic if you would like and, as someone who is in the ensemble of singing nuns! you will enjoy the exceptional singing of the lead actors and the delightful children.  A fun evening/afternoon: not to be missed!

Details:  August Thurs 12th, Friday 13th, at 5.30pm, and Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th at 2.30pm.

                Repeated the following week from Thursday 19th etc.

 Tickets can be ordered online from Bonzo Productions at:


If you test covid-positive within a week after attending a rehearsal, it is vital that you email immediately so that, depending on the circumstances, we can warn everyone else appropriately.


Bet you can’t play this on your laptop: