Handwashers’ Newsletter 5th April 2020

Thank you for all your contributions, though the majority do seem to focus on a variety of wildlife making some form of ‘music’. (I blame that bloke Attenborough. Ed) Apparently two of our sopranos, who wish to remain anomalous anonymous, line dance to one of these ditties – hopefully in private.

Thank you Pamela Varey for these anagrams of composers for you to solve:
  1. Arable figure
  2. Be he vet? No!
  3. Mad wiry Bill
  4. Reply re lunch
  5. Divan violation
  6. Arsenal tip
  7. Leeward drag
To enter, email your solutions to timp470@btinternet.com The winner will be the first correct entry despatched.
Some of you will remember tenor, Derek Bristow who left to migrate to Orkney. He stays in touch and still receives CCS Newsletters. He sings at St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall and takes part in the annual St Magnus Festival founded by the late Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Conductor of CCS 1959-60.
Derek sent this message:
I hope you are all keeping safe down in the deep south.
 . . and this link to an avian aria (Perhaps not Mozart at his best. Ed.): https://vimeo.com/243312820
And this is your opportunity for your once-a-day exercise by line dancing to this at home . . if you really want to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTKJUxl8TL4 (Any alleged comparisons between this choir and ours particularly coming from the Tewkesbury direction will not be welcomed! Ed.)
After that, you may prefer something rather different.
Chamber Music is, like Marmite, not to everyone’s taste but it is to mine. As well as fine music, it provides an opportunity to be close to the players. This allows us to observe their varied expressions of enjoyment and concentration as well as their exchange of glances to maintain the ensemble.
This is brilliantly illustrated by these videos of the internationally renowned Carducci Quartet, based in Gloucestershire. They play, firstly, ‘Fandango’ for guitar quintet by Boccherini (1743-1805) who was born in Lucca, Tuscany, but spent most of his life fandangoing in Spain:
Secondly, and in a totally different mood, is ‘Nimrod’ from Elgar’s Enigma Variations pared down to a string quartet. (‘Nimrod’, the mythical hunter was the enigmatic title Elgar gave to his friend August Jaeger (German for hunter), Music Director at Novello.)
The next annual Carducci Festival at Highnam, former Parry family home, will be from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 May 2021.



We have been asked to bring this service, available during the current crisis, to your attention in case you are aware of anyone in Cirencester who might need it or might be prepared to volunteer for shopping duties. Details here:
303691 Protocol for Shopping for the Elderly and Vulnerable
303693 Shopper instructions for Volunteer
303692 Applicants’ Instructions
Bob Selby suggests this procedure if you suspect that you have been contaminated: