Members’ Newsletter 3rd November 2019


Please take note of these rehearsals and make every effort to arrive on time:

Tuesday 12th November – 7.15 Rehearsal in the Church

Tuesday 19th November – 7.15 Rehearsal in the Church

Saturday 23rd November – 1.30 for 2.00 Rehearsal with Organ, Ensemble and Soloists


As you know, we will be using the main organ, played by Parish Church Organist, Hugo Kennard, for both works in the concert. In the past we have used a digital CCTV system, kindly organised by John Pinnington, to enable the organist to see the conductor. It has become apparent that digital CCTV systems inevitably create a time-lag making it almost impossible for an organist to play in the same time as the conductor conducts.

To solve this problem the Church intends to install an analogue CCTV system, but this cannot be done in time, so we need to provide a sightline between Hugo’s mirror and Carleton avoiding singers standing on the higher tiers.

When you arrive for rehearsals in Church, sopranos in particular will find several gaps between the chairs. Please do not move the chairs!

Before the 19th November rehearsal we will need to fix the sightline so please arrive by 7.15 and go straight to your seats and stay there. We will need to check it again, with staging, at 1.45 on Concert day.


Ticket envelopes are to be returned to Bob Merrill or Dorothy Andrews by Tuesday 19th November but continue with your efforts to sell them meanwhile.


‘Thank you’ to those who responded by staying behind last week to help put things away and sorry we weren’t clear about where everything went. Keep up the good work, please.


Joyce who was our conductor from 1982 to 1990 sadly died earlier this year. While her house was being cleared, her CCS Scrap Book was discovered which was passed to Wiggy Talbot-Rice who has handed it over to us. Anyone who would like to see it should contact


Highworth Choral Society’s Christmas Concert will be on Saturday 14th December in St Michael’s Church:


Sweet chariot minus wheels; going for a song.