There are only 3 more Tuesday rehearsals before the Concert, so it is essential that we make every effort to attend them and we all need to spend plenty of time privately to ensure that every note is secure. As an absolute minimum we should sing through all 4 works several times before each rehearsal; many of us need to do more!

These are the important dates and times: 

Tuesday 9th April – 7.30 Rehearsal in St Peter’s Hall

Tuesday 16th April – 7.15 Rehearsal in the Church

Tuesday 23rd April (Easter Tuesday) – CHANGE OF PLAN – 7.30 Rehearsal in St Peter’s Hall

Friday 26th April – 7.00 for 7.30 Important Rehearsal in the Church on the Staging 

Saturday 27th April – 1.30 for 2.00 Rehearsal with Orchestra and Soloists


Completed envelopes should be returned to Bob Merrill or Dorothy Andrews by Friday 26th April at the latest. Meanwhile please maintain your ticket-selling efforts.

Have you sent this link to the poster to all your friends and relations?


There will be an End of Term Party in St Peter’s Hall on Tuesday 30th April at 7.30


Highworth Choral Society will perform music by Mozart on Saturday 13th April. Details here:

Thornbury Choral Society will be singing Coleridge –Taylor’s Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast and Vaughan Williams A Cotswold Romance on Saturday 11th May. Details at


Having completed the Harmoniemesse in1802 Joseph Haydn no longer had the strength to compose more major works and he retired to his home in Vienna suffering the frustration of imagining musical ideas but without the stamina to develop them.

In 1808 came his final moment of triumph when his 76th birthday was celebrated with a performance of Creation conducted by none other than Antonio Salieri. Trumpets and applause greeted Haydn as bearers carried him into the hall. The great and good of Vienna attended including Beethoven and Princess Esterhazy who gave Haydn her shawl when she saw him shiver. He had to leave at the interval and the admiring audience crowded around him as he gave them his tearful blessing.

The house in Vienna (now a museum) where Haydn spent the last years of his life


In 1809 Napoleon’s troops bombarded Vienna and it is said that, such was his international reputation, they avoided the area around Haydn’s house. Even so, he was much disturbed by the distant noise of warfare and he died on 31st May 1809 aged 77.



Bergkirche in Eisenstadt, site of Haydn’s tomb



Mozart’s Requiem was performed in his honour and, though at war, the soldiers of France and Vienna took turns to guard his catafalque.



Editor’s Note: These historical notes started with a Justice for Salieri! campaign and developed as we discovered further connections between our 4 composers. We hope you’ve found them of interest before we revert to (equally historical or even hysterical?) jokes.