First of all our apologies for last weeks notes being late – CCS web site problem.  Let’s hope we fare better this week.
Although we sang parts of the Fauré all the comments have been covered before so I shall concentrate on the Rutter.
Carleton reminded us that we only have three more rehearsals, two of which will be in the church.  So we must do our homework on both requiems and take care not to go flat throughout.
Requiem Eternam to be sung with feeling.  Counting and correct timing is most important.  In particular our entry on page 2, bar 16.  Project on ‘dona’.
Page 3, bar 21, breathe after ‘Domine’.
Bar 23, watch the B both its length and pitch – brighten.
Bar 27 brighten the G sharp.
Bar 29 the D is long.
Bar 30 and elsewhere, sound the ‘s’ on the tied notes, not after them.
Page 4, legato, remember to pronounce ‘is’ as ‘ees’ in ‘eis’.  Don’t breathe till the end of the line after ‘Domine’ in bar 38.
Out of the Deep, page 11, take good breath in plenty of time and sing through the phrase to the first ‘Lord’ bar 11 on next page.
Then don’t breathe after the second ‘Lord’ in bar 11.
Pronounce ‘hear’ as ‘heer’ ie one syllable and don’t sound the ‘ce’ of voice till the last note.
Page 13, hum the ‘ng’ sound with mouth slightly open.  Notice ‘p’ to start, ‘pp’ in bar 19 and ‘mp’ in bar 21.
Agnus Dei
Page 43, bar 76, with energy, don’t slow down.