Next week’s rehearsal, Tuesday 26th March will be at Ashcroft Road.


Haydn, Agnus Dei, the amen’s in the Gloria from page 25, Salieri and The Magnificat, especially from page 23 to end. Everything else if you can.


Page 24, bar 54, detached and bouncy

Page 28, top line needs more work.


Page 12, bar 40, observe the 2 beats on the G of ‘te’.

Page 13, bar 53, focus/emphasis on ‘ti’.

Bar 54, don’t breathe after magnam but carry through to end of bar 55 and then breathe.

Page 14, bar 61, make ‘am’ a crotchet.

Page 16, bar 116 ‘filius’ all one note – B.

Page 19, slow, watch counting.

Page 20, bar 164, Hold ‘Sus’ as long as you dare.

Bar 168, ‘p’ but not too soft as there is a ‘pp’ coming later. The de pre ca tionem requires tone.

Page 21, bar 171, observe the semiquaver on the G of ‘ci’ and reduce the G of ‘pe’ by a quaver.

Bar 175, lose a quaver on the E of ‘nem’.

Page 22, pronounce miserere with a z – mizerere and remember all Latin ‘i’s are pronounced ‘ee’.

Page 23, bar 204, lose a quaver on the C of mus.

Page 24, bar 216, lose a quaver on the G of mus.

Bar 229, Faster, and make sure to observe the dynamics to the end of the piece.


Page 30, bar 16, energy.

Page 42, bar 225, put emphasis on ‘vi’.

Although there are few notes here because much had been noted before, we spent a lot of time on the Credo.

NEXT WEEK Carleton intends to concentrate on Salieri and the Magnificat.

Best wishes.

Gill Hornby