The majority of corrections tonight were not to do with markings to the text, (although we were reminded of those given) but to do with performance, e.g. being brighter on certain notes or crisper with text. this meant a lot of repetition of small points rather than alteration to score.  corrections to pronunciation have already been given, so just a reminder to make everything Italianate.
It was a rehearsal which was a bit testy, with a reminder we only have three more rehearsals before Easter, but softened a bit at the end.
Bach Magnificat.
Pg 7 Bar 72 – need  strong entry o “et”
Pg 9 Bar 86 – need a strong entry on “et”
Pg 10 Bar 95 – Make the largo section singing and lyrical, not dirge like
Pg 11 Bar 110 – mark entry  mf
Pg 15 Bar 162/163 – make the G# brighter, mar the arrow up
Brighten entries on the fugue to make them distinctive from other parts.
Salieri ( we spent most time on this)
Pg 10 – Bars 88 and 90 – Both “Christe”  start mp and then  crescendo
             Bar 110 – practice saying the words to get the rhythm right
Pg 11 Bar 112 – pronounce Random as “rahndom
Pg 15 Bar 172 – make “ne”  a quaver
Pg 17 Bar 213 – “f” forte  entry
           Bar 217 – watch the rhythm
Pg 21 Bar 283 – sing the phrase “forte”
Pg 25 Bar 313 – mark as a crescendo (as in other parts) but make sure you hold to tied G in next bar.
Pg 2 BAr 24 – it should be “Sspirituu”  not “ Spirituss”
Pg 51 Bars 33 and 35 – sing as “f”
Best wishes